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The Dushon Ex Daniels Story.

  Dushon Ex Daniels also known as "American Hip-Rocker" is a American Designer, Hip-Rock Artist and Actor from New York. He was raised in one of the poor sections of Coney Island, Brooklyn by single mother Gwendolyn Wright . At a young age Dushon turned to sports, music and fashion to keep him from the gang and drug infested streets he lived on. After four of his high school peers were killed in gang violence within weeks of each other, Dushon made up his mind that he would do whatever it took to change his life. He used the stressful feeling of not having much, to push himself to get more out of life. At that time he felt the only shot he had at a better life, was to follow the basketball path of his Abraham Lincoln high school peer NBA star Stephon Marbury

Dushon soon became good enough at the sport to earn a basketball scholarship to Jarvis Christian College  (NIAI division one College) in Hawkins Texas. At the end of his first semester, he lost his basketball scholarship to a knee injury. In desperate need of income, Dushon again relied on his talents to get him out of a bind. He then started selling hand painted t-shirts and artistic clothing out of his dorm room to generate enough money to stay in school and off the streets. After a few months of selling clothes Dushon's popularity grow and the hype about his amazing expressive t-shirts spread. He then received a call from a college show organizer who saw a person wearing one of Dushon's creative Expression t-shirts, asking him to host a fashion show. Colgate University then flew Dushon upstate New York to do a paid fashion show showcasing his original  personal handmade wardrobe. The fashion show was a hit, and a star was born! 

Now Dushon is CEO and Lead designer at Expressive Clothing L.L.C the creators of luxury clothing brand Expression 06 Evolution or EX.E. Along side of him is his long time business partner and friend Derek Love. Dushon began his entertainment career working behind the scenes learning video production, video editing, online marketing, script writing, styling and photo editing on major B.E.T productions such as 106 & Park, The B.E.T. Awards, Black Girls Rock and The Deal.

He identified the need for a fresh, new and innovative direction for the fashion industry. Therefore he  developed a company that takes fashion to the next level by bringing peoples thoughts, ideas and feelings to life through expressive clothing. Without any initial investment, Expressive Clothing L.L.C has already made its mark in several markets including New York, Miami and Los Angeles. The brand has gained popularity by word of mouth and through several fashion shows. In fact, it has become the brand of choice for many “Elite Entertainers” reflecting luxury and lifestyle

Dushon has become a familiar face in the music industry. He has been seen wearing Expression 06 Evolution at luxury events with major celebrities such as Birdman, Ne-Yo, Ryan Leslie, Ciara, Brandy, Marlon Wayans, Rico Love, Tyrese Gibson, Kelly Rowland, Busta Rhymes, Jermaine Dupri, Cam’ron, D-ray Davis, Mya, and Flo-Rida. Dushon has also made cameos in Fantasia's music video "Bitter Sweet" and B.E.T.'s former show “The Deal” wearing EX.E. Expression 06 Evolution has been seen on Entertainers such as  Grammy Award winning Super Producer / Artist Mario Winans, Hip-Hop Artist Ali of Travis Porter, former NBA player Olden Polynice, CNBC TV Host Anthony Byron Andrews, Nickelodeon Actor Chris O’Neal and major T.V. networks such as M.T.V. and B.E.T. Dushon was interviewed on Florida T.V. by Florida Today News Paper for changing fashion trends with his New Side Zipper jeans in 2010. He has also hosted a fashion show in L.A. on Venice Beach in 2012

  Besides doing music and fashion Dushon has also directed and written his own luxury brand commercials (Side Zipper Jeans, Luxury Sport T-Shirts) and just recently in 2013-2014 co-directed and edited his own music video for his singles (Hygher and Starr Struck). Both music videos have went viral on the internet Hygher gaining over 1,000,000 views on YouTube and Starr Stuck over 900,000 views in the first few months of their release. Some say Dushon Ex Daniels has "The making of a mogul."


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